Click on the short video of what I can do.  Below that, you will find links to audio and video projects I have worked on and clients I have worked with. 
Feel free to email me any questions you have.

After Effects/Final Cut Pro X

I've been creating opening title sequences for performers and podcasts.  You can currently see my work on shows such as Cordkillers and NightAttack (formerly NSFWShow).

I have also cut intros and bumpers for performers including Brian Brushwood, Daniel Martin, and Jonny Zavant!



Mashups are a musical art form where the DJ takes two or more songs that were not meant to be mixed together and fuses them to make a cohesive musical piece.

Sometimes this makes the piece better or at the very least humorous in nature.  Here I have linked a couple of pieces of work.

Everyday Wild One

Toxicly Good Times

 A couple of hour long mixes can be found at  Warning: Some of my mashups may contain lyrics not meant for sensitive ears.